You've been selected as our lucky winner for the Boner Lau Resort. For only $9.99 a minute or $19.99 an hour or $199.99 a month, you can enjoy our facilities. You can fap with our famous celeberties such as Boner Lau! You can also enroll at our university. Boner Lau U, where you can take fapping 101 for a cheap fee of only $500!!. Located off the coast of the Grand Line, you can take a first class flight with our Flaccid Lau Airlines to our paradise, COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!. Enjoy this complimentary flight which guarantees flaccidness at the comfort of your own seat. AND ESPECIALLY FOR YOU LUCKY WINNER, YOU CAN TAKE OUR SUPER SPECIAL OFFER OF 1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP, FOR ONLY 200000 EASY PAYMENTS OF A PENNY!

So call now at 778.......

o shi-

So call now. The land of Boner Lau awaits


Do you rent out boneriffic rooms at this world class resort?

Why yes, yes we do!

You get special offers such as a first class flight with our latest plane model, FL-BL0001 completely free of charge! And our plane meal, made from Boner Lau himself

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